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We are Mazen Animal Health

Positively disrupting animal disease prevention by creating “edible” vaccines that can be dosed with feed. Imagine a world where zoonotic diseases are stopped at the source. Imagine a world where a vaccine can be shipped to farms at room temperature in less than 48 hours and fed to animals to control an outbreak and protect our food supply.

Our Mission

At Mazen Animal Health we use the power of plants to produce orally delivered biologics. Our world class team is passionate about continuously improving the welfare of animals, those who care for them, and our planet. Through integrity, trust, and transparency, we are committed to being a long-term partner to the animal health community.

We will never stop pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

See what others are saying

“When we saw this technology, we thought this is a tremendous fit because corn is such a constant fixture in about every diet across the species. We certainly want to see this succeed.”

- Kale Causemaker

Senior Director of Sales and Innovative Solutions at Kent Nutrition Group

"Mazen’s vaccine constructs appear to be the most promising in regard to improving piglet survivability and condition following a virulent PEDv challenge."

- Ryan Saltzman, DVM

VRI Managing Veterinarian

"Mazen is at the forefront of molecular farming technologies that leverage plants as natural production factories for recombinant proteins and other high value molecules."

- Eric O’Brien

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fall Line Capital

"We are excited that Mazen Animal Health will be expanding its R&D operations in the state. Both crop science and animal health are strengths in the state’s ag tech ecosystem, and Mazen is in both."

- Paul Ulanch Ph.D

Senior Director of Focused Initiatives, NC Biotechnology Center

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