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  • Danielle Nowotny

Mazen Animal Health, Inc. Welcomes Tracy Raines, Ph.D., as VP, R&D

AMES, Iowa, Oct. 24, 2022 – Mazen Animal Health, Inc., today announced the hiring of Tracy Raines, Ph.D., as Vice President of Research and Development. Raines will leverage her scientific, management and business expertise, and passion for sustainable agriculture to build and lead Mazen’s R&D team in the development of novel, transformative oral vaccines.

Raines is an agriculture biotechnology expert with broad experience that spans a wide range of roles within startup and growth-stage companies. In addition to her fundamental work in plant molecular biology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Raines has a long history of building and leading R&D programs within multiple agriculture biotechnology startups, including Paradigm Genetics, Athenix Corporation and AgBiome. Raines most recently led business development efforts as Chief Innovation Officer at AgBiome, where she maximized the reach of their scientific platform into multiple market opportunities, including animal health. Specifically, she has expertise in defining and implementing business strategy, successfully negotiating multiple large collaboration agreements, and fostering relationships with external partners.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Mazen Animal Health team. The company's commitment to sustainable and economical animal health technologies is inspiring,” Raines said. “Together, we will continue to discover, develop, and bring to market game-changing approaches to animal disease prevention.””

Earlier this year, Mazen announced it closed a Series A funding round of $12 million, led by Fall Line Capital, as it approaches the launch of the first oral vaccine for PEDV. Funding will also be used for infrastructure build out.

“Tracy brings vast experience of agricultural biotechnology as we continue to develop and advance safer, cost-effective oral vaccine technology for livestock producers and pet owners,” said Jenny Filbey, Mazen CEO. “I am blessed to be working with a group of colleagues who bring their high level of expertise while all fitting together to create a fun team with which to work.”

“I am so excited that Tracy is joining this team — she will be a great fit. She will lead the effort to fuel our innovation engine with a robust pipeline of biotech animal health products to revolutionize how we prevent and treat disease.”

About Mazen Animal Health, Inc.

Mazen is developing and commercializing orally delivered animal vaccines that revolutionize animal disease prevention. Mazen provides elegant solutions to the challenges associated with injectable vaccines and offers customers (1) increased production system ROI — improving the economic and labor thresholds that control the vaccination decision today; (2) a safer method of vaccine administration for both animals and workers; (3) optimized vaccine efficacy, allowing for reduced antibiotic use; and (4) vaccines with a global reach because of ambient temperature stability and ease of delivery.

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