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Transforming Maize into the future of vaccines.

The inspiration behind our company name, our novel vaccine platform uses maize as a biofactory for the production of recombinant vaccines. This unique approach enables oral delivery of vaccines in an edible form with distinct advantages over today’s injectables, topicals and water-based orals.

Carrying Piglet on Farm

Positive Disruption
is our mission.

Mazen Animal Health is a new company focused on developing, delivering and commercializing novel biological vaccines and therapeutics that disrupt the status quo and address complex or unsolved challenges in animal health and protein production. Our first disruptive solution is a reinvention of vaccines with a novel technology platform that will shift the paradigm in disease prevention.

Expansive potential in disease prevention.

Our cross-species platform has the flexibility to be used in swine, poultry, livestock, aquaculture, pets and wildlife, and has the potential for vaccine solutions for a wide variety of diseases. It has the potential to expand the $5 billion global vaccine market while dramatically reducing losses. We will focus on swine and poultry, then expand our portfolio to all market segments.

A diverse team with shared passion.

Progress never sleeps.

Mazen has been moving quickly through key milestones in our quest to bring this novel vaccine technology to the world sooner rather than later. We are looking for investors and strategic partners to accelerate development and commercialization.



Conceptual formation and designation of name: Mazen Animal Health
Presentation at world vaccine conference April

Key Investors

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