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  • We start by selecting the subunit antigens necessary to best address the target disease. These proteins are designed to result in maximum expression in the plant and to stimulate the greatest immune response.

  • The gene encoding the designer antigen is inserted into the corn genome. Antigens are driven by proprietary molecular elements to maximize expression and accumulation in the seed.

  • Using the antigen producing maize in feed, we demonstrate in vivo efficacy against target diseases through oral delivery and subsequent disease challenge.

  • The lead candidate eliciting proven efficacy is then moved into marker assisted, accelerated breeding into elite germplasm. Dose determination is carried out to uncover the appropriate dosing and administration protocol.

  • Under regulated and controlled growing conditions, products are scaled up and subsequently transported to our manufacturing facility for final packaging. Our robust foundational infrastructure positions us well to meet demand for years to come.

Unlocking Mucosal Immunity

Animal vaccines bring many advantages to the farmer – they prevent disease, decrease losses, reduce antibiotic use in animals and protect the human food supply chain.


However, many diseases aren't effectively controlled by traditional injectable vaccination as the systemic immune response is not attenuated quickly enough to mount a defense.


Fortunately, the vaccine technology Mazen is developing will offer an alternative approach to this practice. The gut mucosa is the site of first exposure to pathogens in production animals and where secretory IgA is produced to robustly respond to these pathogens. This response provides a quicker immune response, resulting in protection against rapidly spreading diseases. Oral vaccination through feed unlocks this robust immune response, protecting animals immediately from the disease attack.

The Oralogics™ Technology Platform

Seamless oral delivery

Stable antigen production at commercial dosage levels

Minimal processing and formulation

Sustainable, low-cost delivery

Increased biosecurity

Unlocks protection by mucosal immunity

Our OralogicsTM Technology Platform uses molecular farming to develop our vaccines. This technology allows the vaccine to be dosed through the animal’s feed instead of injected. Our vaccination approach is not only capable of increasing animal welfare, worker safety and biosecurity; oral vaccination also allows us to leverage mucosal immunity, the first line of defense against pathogens and diseases.